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Concrete Grinder

Five planetary disc grinders are ready to be shipped to Canada--August 26, 2023

This is the second time for a Canadian customer to purchase a RONLON planetary disc floor grinder. In March 2022, the customer has purchased a floor grinder, the experience is very good, and the quality is also very good. The customer wanted to buy 5 medium-sized floor grinders because he wanted to expand his business, so the customer went to the sales manager Sammie to inquire about the price.


The main demand of customers is to contract floor renovation, polishing, treatment, etc. locally. Machines with good quality and high work efficiency are required. Therefore, the sales staff recommended this medium-sized single-disk wet and dry floor grinder to the customer. Equipped with consumables suitable for different grounds, it can effectively improve work efficiency.

At present, 5 sets of floor grinders have been produced and will be sent to Canada soon.

RONLON has good service: it has built a timely and complete after-sales service system around the world, with efficient and convenient supply of accessories and professional and thoughtful after-sales service.