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Concrete grinder
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Concrete grinder

Concrete grinder
13530 USD

The RC1300 intelligent remote control floor grinder consists of 3 R460 grinding heads. One person can operate two machines at the same time. Suitable for large industrial floors.

7258 USD
1. Make you work more 30%-40% efficient ,The labor cost be saved a lot.
2.Improve the compactness and surface smoothness of concrete which makes you more professional and competive
3.Operate more easily and relax. Say bye-bye to tired
4.Best service and perfect technology.
6397 USD

High-efficiency concrete floor grinder polishing machine for wet and dry use in large-scale industries

6998 USD

R780-4 Large planetary concrete floor grinder is a very powerful machine with 4 heads grinder you can get up 30% more effective grinding and polishing and obviously a more level floor. International Voltage avaliable. Or 380 Volt/208 Volt three phase. 220V single can be ordered

5576 USD

R780-3A is the planetary grinder with 3 grinding heads running in different directions. This planetary grinder is suitable for larger jobs

5658 USD

RONLON R700 concrete grinding and polishing is mainly used for epoxy floor removal, cement floor, terrazzo floor, granite, etc. leveling, grinding, polishing, etc