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RONLON floor grinder will be shipped to Slovenia--January 23, 2024

Recently, we successfully supplied a promotional floor grinder to a customer from Slovenia. This customer, a professional floor treatment company, was looking for high-quality and affordable floor grinding equipment to meet their growing business needs. After learning about our product promotion information, the customer proactively contacted us and expressed a strong intention to purchase.

In the process of communicating with customers, we learned about their specific needs for floor grinding machines: first, the equipment needs to be highly efficient and able to complete large-area floor treatment work in a short time; second, the performance of the equipment must be stable Reliable to ensure the smooth progress of long-term continuous work; finally, considering cost factors, customers hope that we can provide products with high cost performance.


In response to the customer's needs, we recommended our promotional floor grinder to them. This product adopts advanced grinding technology and has high working efficiency and stability. At the same time, the price concessions of promotional activities also save customers a certain amount of costs. After introducing the product features and advantages in detail, the customer expressed strong interest in our products.

After further communication and discussion, we provided customers with detailed floor grinder product parameters, instructions for use, and after-sales service information. After fully understanding the product information, the customer decided to purchase our promotional floor grinder. The two parties successfully signed a purchase and sales contract and arranged payment and delivery.