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Concrete Grinder

R860 high powerful concrete floor grinder will export to Thailand--October 18, 2023

This time, a Thai customer purchased R860 high powerful concrete floor grinder from us. A friend of the customer purchased a floor grinding machine from RONLON. After using it for a period of time, his friends found that the quality of ronlon was indeed good, so they shared their products and usage on Facebook.floor grinder

The customer contacted his friends and eventually the sales manager Betty, so the customer gave RONLON priority when planning to purchase a floor grinding machine. Our sales manager Betty sent detailed quotations and options to customers for reference.

The customer purchased R860 high powerful concrete floor grinder. The customer expressed a desire to receive the floor grinder as soon as possible. If the company is satisfied with the quality in all aspects, he will consider purchasing RONLON machinery in the future.concrete grinder

We can customize different colors, sizes and LOGOs according to your needs. Known for its stability and efficiency, this floor grinder is designed to be perfect for your job needs.