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R780-3A floor polishing machine
R780-3A floor polishing machine

R780-3A floor polishing machine

5576 USD
SKU: R780-3A floor polishing machine

R780-3A is the planetary grinder with 3 grinding heads running in different directions. This planetary grinder is suitable for larger jobs

Product Description

Features of R780-3A floor polishing machine

1. R780-3A floor polishing machine is a very powerful and highly productive machine, easy to handle and operate.

2. Can be used for floor preparation and polishing, and customers will be satisfied with the results.

3. Planetary heads are made with all steel gears.

4. Instant change system magnetic metal plates with removable velcro attachments. 

floor polishing machine

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concrete floor grinder R780










Product parameters:

Voltage: 380-440V 3 Phase

Motor Power: 15hp(11kw)

Inverter Power: 15hp(11kw)

AMP: 22A

Rotating Speed300-1800RPM

Water Tank:40L

Tools Holder Diameter: 250mm*4


Extra Weight:2*25kg

Work Width:780mm



Anna Johnson - 2022-04-29T09:04:45+0800
used in our projects,Workers use it to increase productivity.The product packaging is very careful, the accessories are also very complete, and it looks very strong. I think this batch is worth the money and will recommend it to friends!