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What is the construction process of the curing floor?


The curing floor is made of concrete seal curing agent material after some series of cleaning, polishing, curing, and other construction. It has the characteristics of wear resistance, beautiful appearance, dust prevention, easy cleaning, and easy maintenance. So how is the cured terrace as shiny as marble made? And how to carry out the construction. Today, I followed my boss to the construction site to experience the whole process. I'd like to share my experience with you.polishing pad,floor surface grinder

1. Grass-roots treatment

The first step is mainly to clean up debris, dust, and sand on the ground, and deal with cracks or uneven places. The concave places are filled with cement mortar and the convex places are removed to initially ensure a level and cleanliness of the ground.

2. Rough ground

Use a floor surface grinder and 30#, 60#, 80#diamond tools to grind the ground, clean the ground dust, and keep the ground clean.polishing pad

3. The first curing

The curing agent and water are blended according to the ratio of 1:5 and evenly stirred. After stirring is completed, apply the curing agent evenly on the base surface and keep the ground moist for about two hours. Later, use 50#, 150#, 300#, and 500#resin polishing pads to grind the ground, clean the ground dust and dry the ground.floor surface grinder

4. The second curing

After drying the ground cured for the first time, apply the curing agent evenly on the ground again and wait for about two hours. After that, use 1000# high polishing pads to quickly grind the ground to grind away the aggregates and clean the ground.

5. Gring the ground finely

For fine grinding, use 500# resin polishing pads to quickly and evenly cross-grind until the ground is smooth and keep the ground clean.

6. Fine ground

Use 1000#,2000#, 3000# resin polishing pads to polish the ground until the ground appears as bright as a stone.polishing pad,floor surface grinder

7. Clean up the ground

Use a professional industrial vacuum cleaner to clean the ground. After cleaning, the ground can be maintained accordingly. The ground will have a texture like marble.

polishing pad,floor surface grinder