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Why should the floor be used together with industrial vacuum cleaners in the grinding process? Whether the ground of an industrial workshop is clean or not is related to the image of an enterprise. After many workshops have been put into use for a long time, the ground is inevitable due to mechanical or man-made ground trauma, resulting in potholes and uneven heights on the ground. Some industries......
What materials and tools are needed for concrete curing agent floor construction? 1.Floor grinder: Floor grinder is mainly used for ground grinding. It can effectively carry out concrete grinding, concrete grinding, curing floor polishing, epoxy floor polishing, old floor renovation, marble polishing, etc. The grinding disc at the bottom of the floor grinder can be equipped with diamond and resin ......
How many construction methods are there for curing and dyeing floors? With the continuous development and progress of industrial floor, and the widespread use of floor buffer concrete grinder, natural color curing floor (concrete sealed curing floor) has been unable to meet the diversified market demand, dyeing curing floor came into being. However, the initial technology is not mature and al......
For floor grinding construction, the role of machinery is essential. For floor grinding, the use of floor grinding machines is essential. The faults of the grinding machine during construction will not only affect the progress of the whole project but also affect the quality and overall effect of the floor. Therefore, as construction personnel, we must understand the common faults and solutions o......
The curing floor is made of concrete seal curing agent material after some series of cleaning, polishing, curing, and other construction. It has the characteristics of wear resistance, beautiful appearance, dust prevention, easy cleaning, and easy maintenance. So how is the cured terrace as shiny as marble made? And how to carry out the construction. Today, I followed my boss to the construction s......
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