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Whether the ground of an industrial workshop is clean or not is related?


Why should the floor be used together with industrial vacuum cleaners in the grinding process? Whether the ground of an industrial workshop is clean or not is related to the image of an enterprise. After many workshops have been put into use for a long time, the ground is inevitable due to mechanical or man-made ground trauma, resulting in potholes and uneven heights on the ground. Some industries do not have high requirements on the ground, while some industries require the ground to be flat and clean, which requires the floor of the workshop to be renovated, the most troublesome problem in the process of floor renovation is the dust problem caused by floor polishing, so how to solve the dust caused by floor polishing construction?

industrial vacuum cleaners

The dust caused by the floor renovation and polishing construction is not a big problem at present. It can be effectively solved by introducing a vacuum cleaner for floor polishing in the construction. The original floor polishing construction is to use a floor grinder to dry grind on the ground. The ground dust and the blowing of the motor fan are scattered everywhere.It can be said that the construction personnel are performing the grinding operation in heavy fog. Such construction personnel have limited visibility and the ground is not uniform. The subsequent construction problems are exposed.